Learning Facilitators

We simplify complex concepts that managers need to know in order to be prepared and to act informed.

Our training model is based on three steps: Try, Think, and Act!

Tray: this is the “discovery” step, during which participants utilize a learning tool to discover bits of knowledge that, up to that moment, had only been perceived through their daily working experience, knowledge of which they have not yet had an overall view.

Think: this is the “knowledge” step, during which participants together with us compose the logical map of those concepts introduced in the “try” phase. The map is generated based on the specific business environment in which the client operates.

Act: this is the actual “doing” step, i.e. where participants directly transfer those concepts discovered and mentally organized in the two previous steps, to their specific corporate roles, in order to be applied directly to their work environment.

Training Subjects


We transfer to our participants the elements necessary to manage and control performance, growth, profitability and cash flow within the company.

Business and sales

Our training in this area covers all aspects relating to planning and developing a business, including tools to define, plan and implement marketing and sales strategies aimed at creating value for the firm and its clients, while achieving economic and financial results necessary for the business to succeed.

Project management

We provide those tools, methodologies and practices that are necessary to organize and manage complex projects within a very competitive environment, focusing particularly on those projects that deal with business innovation and organizational changes, in order to provide and integrated “End to End” view and control, from the business idea to its implementation.


Tools and Methodology

Case history

Over the years our team has put together an extensive library of business cases, studies derived from real life, most of which from our direct experience. The Case History methodology represents a unique opportunity to understand how theory becomes everyday practice.

Board games

We plan and operate board games that allow participants to learn “hands on” through the utilization of coins that physically change hand during each transaction, modeling the relationships that rule the daily work life of a firm and the environment in which it operates. These Board Games are utilized for different purposes, like the understanding and drafting of financial statements (for manufacturing, made to order and service industries), the planning and management of a sales process, the development of a specific distribution channel or the implementation of the Lean methodology within a company.

Business games

We utilize business simulators that generate a competitive environment among participants, who are generally divided into teams, and have to manage their firm by making decisions in order to achieve the best performance within the simulated market. Participants experience in real-time the consequences of their decisions in terms of business strategy, competitor positioning, operating and financial results.


In the classroom we utilize an inductive approach through which participants are actively involved in the learning process. Our extensive catalogue allows us to develop customized training courses for both companies and academies, and to target each specific organizational role (entrepreneurs, executives, managers, high potential employees and new hires).


In addition to the classroom, we plan and implement learning contents on different platforms, in accordance to our clients’ needs. Our team can provide a wide variety of services to realize learning objects, tutorial platforms and distance learning sessions.

Business coaching

We support entrepreneurs and managers in their professional development, generating individualized learning experiences that combine both theory and practice.