Banking institution, leader in the Italian market, with international operations.


Given that time has become a critical resource and that changes are taking place at an increased speed, this banking institution needed a methodology to help its employees to plan and manage tasks and time, in order to achieve their business goals.


PProfessionals, coordinators and managers in any business area.


SDevelopment and implementation of the following training courses:

  • learn how to identify the most critical activities and the time associated to reach the target.
  • Learn how to plan the most critical activities by understanding, explaining and by breaking up complex tasks in order to simplify and easily manage them.
  • Optimize the management of time following a defined process to identify activities, eliminate inefficiencies, manage the unexpected and define priorities.
  • Control the entire process of activity identification and execution over the short as well as the medium and long term.

Methodology and activator

The course, through and inductive and experience based methodology, assumed a strong interaction between tutor and participants. The learning activators represented real life situations (exercises, role play) where participants were required to make decisions and act based on the course content.