Public company in the public transportation business.


The company increased the services offered and expanded its territory, which in turns created increased organizational complexity and an increase in the number of projects being managed. The organization required its employees to have a higher level of project management skills.


Project managers and team leaders


Development and implementation of the following training subjects:

  • project management techniques and criteria.
  • Apply a critically constructive approach to project management taking into account participant’s individual company experience.
  • Learn how to improve efficiency and effectiveness of project sessions involving several employees at the time.
  • Enable participants to evaluate each project from and economic and financial prospective in addition to their operating view.

Activator and methodology

All conceptual frameworks were anticipated by activators (exercises, role play, practical contractual project simulation) in order to stimulate the participants’ learning experience through an inductive approach. Through these activators, participants had the opportunity to experience within a group or even singularly solutions linked to the various activities and roles, becoming themselves actors in the different phases of the project management process.