An Italian company leader in the telecommunication business


The company defined a new strategy, which required a strong interaction between sales people and engineers in order to succeed both in terms of deadlines as well as client satisfaction.


CProject leaders, Team leaders and key-account managers


Development and implementation of the following training subjects:

  • Project management techniques in order to transfer the skills in order to achieve deadlines and meet the client’s needs.
  • Understand the overlapping and integrating logics between the sales process and project management.
  • Identify and understand those elements that define success and risks, and identify the correcting actions for a project.
  • Understand the economic dimensions that make the project financially convenient.
  • Understand and identify the drivers that create value, in terms of project time, costs and performance.

Activator and methodology

All conceptual frameworks were anticipated by activators (exercises, role play, practical contractual project simulation) in order to stimulate the participants’ learning experience through an inductive approach. Through these activators, participants had the opportunity to experience within a group or even singularly solutions linked to the various activities and roles, becoming themselves actors in the different phases of the sales and project management processes.