Business Solutions to increase Business Performance

We implement solutions aimed at increasing the consciousness of decision processes and at improving the management of performance measurement systems.

Our solutions are concrete, result oriented and measurable, in order to develop a transparent and effective partnership with our client.

We cover the following fields:

Strategy and finance

Strategic positioning, business planning, company valuation, financial planning, cost and cash flow controlling, treasury management.

Performance measurement

Budgeting, reporting and forecasting, short term and long term incentive planning.

Marketing and sales

Commercial business planning, go to market modeling, account planning for strategic customers, marketing planning, multichannel marketing.

Corporate governance

Governance structure modeling, executive pay solutions, risk management, change management and related ICT support alternatives.

Project management

Overall framework (organization, processes, tools, roles and responsibilities, incentives and pay), identification and implementation assistance (feasibility and planning), project execution and control.

To achieve competitive business performance we developed the A.R.T.E. business approach.

Our methodology is A.R.T.E.

ACCOUNTABILITY: business targets must be clearly set, communicated and individually attributed.

A result-oriented organization must rely upon a clear and shared mechanism to define individual management responsibilities, in line with the company’s strategic goals, and monitored by adequate control systems.

  • Our solutions in this field are aimed at increasing employees’ accountability through:
  • Assessing and re-designing the performance control system.
  • Implementing the appropriate incentive plan (short and long term).
  • Re-defining Corporate Governance mechanisms.

RESOURCES: adequate professionalism for each organizational role

People and their professional skills generate business performance. As a consequence, a company needs to develop plans to align its human resources to the skills needed to increase and consolidate its business targets. This is the only way to activate a sustainable growth path.

  • Our solutions to protect and develop this strategic asset include:
  • Assessing, mapping and analyzing competencies.
  • Gap analysis and development planning.
  • Implementing the development planning.

TOOLS: powerful customized modeling to manage and control performance

Continuous performance management and control allows executives and employees to direct corporate energy towards the achievement of vital targets, year after year.

A company, therefore, needs to apply models and performance measurement controls, which are effective and widespread within corporate culture.

We help companies to develop tools like:

  • Company valuation.
  • Strategic positioning, business plan, capital budgeting.
  • Budget, reporting, forecasts.
  • Sensitivity analysis and business intelligence.

EXECUTION: action plans, which are feasible, legitimate and aligned to company’s strategy

To execute means to make things happen. Within this phase, speed and smoothness are key attributes to ground ideas and translate them into successful results.

We support our clients within the following action plans:

  • business project management.
  • Ad-hoc improvement plans.
  • Cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
  • Working capital and cash flow management.
  • Product portfolio optimization.