Business Consulting and Management Training

We are a business consulting and management training firm; we support our clients in the development of decision-making processes and business performance systems.

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals, coming from the corporate, academic and private-practice sectors, with diversified and international experience in finance, corporate governance, marketing & sales, and project management.

Their experience is combined together to generate robust, concrete, “ad-hoc” solutions, customized for each of our client’s needs.

We cover the following fields


To improve management’s ability to generate growth, profitability and cash flows in their company.

By increasing management’s awareness of financial data, we support our clients in the consolidation and increase of their company’s cash flow.

Project Management

To successfully “own” and control large, integrated projects, as well as business-innovation and organizational-change processes.

We transfer tools and methodologies to help our clients manage complexity within a very competitive environment, to implement their strategies and to introduce innovation.


To be able to transfer greater value to both the client and the supplier.

Through a detailed analysis of all the components of our clients’ product / solution / service, we present and share methodologies and tools to define, plan and implement the sales and marketing process, in order to transfer more value to the client while achieving economics and financial sustainability.